The critical point.

Kakaire Steven King
2 min readMay 13, 2022
Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash

About twentysomething adults!!! Yes, about that age group of brave, dreaming and potent adults that are still in making. Very few shall agree with me, that twentysomethings have gotten much to deal with than their elder thirtysomethings. Twentysomething decade is a defining, transformative, critical and decisive moment of later adult life.

This is a time when one designs the kind of life she/he wants to live, chooses a marriage partner, decides on a career, builds strong and meaningful relationships, et cetera. It is a time when one starts living life by design rather than chance.

This is a point of inflexion, with a slight change in almost anything results into substantial results. For example, developing a system of good habits, in twentysomething years, and consistently implementing them ensures a life that is purposeful and fulfilling. Similarly, negative habits developed lead to undesirable results and a life that is not adorable.

This is a time when one can calm an identity for the later years of adulthood. The stories we tell ourselves can be edited and rewritten at this inflexion point. Through experience, I have learnt that life doesn’t change unless you take full charge of it. One one shall ever do the life for you.

Twentysomethings have gotten to shoulder responsiblity of their lives while still in this life-defining decade. Doing things in thirties may be a whole different ball game with so much to catch up with.

Starting now alllows one time to error and align course. To many that have not recognized this ‘cone of opportunity’, that narrows with time, twentysomething years shall fly away. In their thirties, when they wake up and realise they need to catch up, to decide on a career path, relationships, life’s purpose, … It is always an intense race towards beating time forces.

For those in their twenties, what are you becoming? Who are you making yourself to be? What is your life’s trajectory?