Kakaire Steven King
2 min readSep 22, 2022



Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

There is nothing more beautiful in life than having full control over your time. Time is everything. How you spend it determines how your life unfolds.

Have you ever wished to have a strong grip on your time? Here is how I do it. I am ruthlessly stingy on my time, the bar to access to it is so high in the sky that whoever tries to jump over is attacked by acrophobia (the fear of heights) . It is damn hard to gain access.

This is how you may protect, guard and secure your time. 1) Build strong high concrete perimeter walls around your time. This means highly blocking out time chunks. No access during that period. Get off social media, hold no social conversations, silence your phone [only essential calls and SMSs]. Get uninterested in empty jazz and let the person know you are unavailable.

2) Have strongly highly guarded entrances. Have a criteria to filter out what has access to your time. If your priority is to do a deep craft, that desire to text her shouldn’t drive you nuts. Silence and cripple it. Have full control on how you give access to your time. Never ever have allow time encroachers at the entry points. Deploy ‘NAVY SEALS’ to shoot and kill every non-essential activities that encroach your time.

3) Plant land mines distances away from your perimeter-walled and highly guarded time. Make sure uncalled for time-consuming activities are destroyed before reaching the entry points. Your default answer to knee-jerk non-essential time-consuming activities should be an unapologetic NO. Make no promises of giving out your time as an excuse to avoid anything in the present. Communicate to the person that you are unavailable and can’t promise. You are unavailable though you are present. Let it be public knowledge that you are the first non-preemptive priority when it comes to scheduling time. You come second to none and you take the lion’s share.

Controlling your time is an ongoing battle. There is a gazzilion of things calling for your attention and are determined to take it from you. Have a system of securing it. Like the Navy SEALS, you are ruthless to the enermy. Avoid anything that threatens to unprofitably consume your treasured resource. Identify those small things that consume your time with no benefitial outcome. Have guiding principles about time. Let every one know it in his/her bones that you are not jackassing around. Enjoy your time. [Signed: Kakaire Steven King]