Don’t be that frog.

Kakaire Steven King
2 min readMay 11, 2022
Photo by Adam Currie on Unsplash

One dark and cold night, five frogs were standing on the edge of a water pond. One frog decided to jump into the pond. I ask you a Question, how many frogs stayed at the edge of the water pond? If you have answered, four. Your answer is wrong. There were five frogs that stayed at the edge. This is not a math question, it is a life question.

That frog was much zealous and able to do what the other four frogs were unwilling or unable to do, but it didn’t act. The knowledge and decision to jump into the pond amounted to nothing. No difference with the remaining four frogs.

Often times when one has a great zeal to start a habit of great impotance say saving a 10th of her income, committing to a healthy diet, or spending time with family, et cetra. There is always hesitation that comes naturally ‘cause of the human innate drive to take a path of least resistance.

Taking action is faced with many psychological road blocks that seem difficult to overcome, thinking more information is needed, a higher income, and so many more excuses with the ‘right justifications’. This could also be due to other habits that unconciously drive our moment-to-moment behavior.

One thing that differentiates those that get ahead in life be it health, relationships, or finance is that ‘they get ahead.’ They do the thing. They start doing. They don’t wait for one Saturday afternoon when all the stars align and they spring into action. They start. Ninety-percent of success lies in starting. Providence and guidance are availed to those that start.

My message today is ‘Don’t be that frog. jump’.